Women can be benefit from the Bach Flower Remedies. Nowadays, women are too busy trying to cope with a busy working environment, even with family demands, physical wellbeing. Women sometimes, can feel vulnerable, negative, tiredness, and tension, unable to cope with everyday tasks. There are times when women feel it is all getting too much particularly when their femininity takes a knock (relationship issues, period periods, menopause, empty nest)

Bach Flower Remedies help women to cope with period pains menopause, infertility, pregnancy as well as trials and tribulations. These are periods in a woman’s life that can be quite traumatic.

Why See a Bach Flower Practitioner?

Bach Flower Remedies work directly and exclusively on emotions. Bach Flower Remedies are 100% natural healing remedies. They are used to restore the balance between body and mind by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, indecision and hatred, therefore restoring equilibrium, without which the body cannot heal itself. Bach Flower Remedies allow the user to enjoy peace and happiness.

Dr Bach developed 38 individual remedies and one ready mixed widely known as the Rescue Remedy or crisis remedy, used for emergency help in crisis situations.The 38 individual remedies can be mixed for the emotional state of anyone needing emotional support or balance. They can be mixed with 1 – 7 different remedies. It is possible to mix over 293,000,000 different combinations to match your needs.

This makes Bach Original Flower Remedies a very cost effective method as the therapist will provide the treatment and the therapy. I will help you to identify what worries and concerns you in the present moment.

As a Bach Flower Register Practitioner I work under the Bach Foundation Code of Practice, which sets out the standards expected of professional practitioners and provides a safe framework for practitioners and clients.

Being a Bach Flower Practitioner from the Bach Centre’s International Register of Practitioners means that I have followed an approved programme of education and assessments to ensure that I am competent to use the remedies in professional practice.

The Bach Flower Consultation

I am a Bach Flower Practitioner and I asses your needs as the client based on their current emotions and concerns. Our first consultation will last 60minutes and follow up consultations will last 30 minutes. I will then prepare a unique mixture combining up to seven flower remedies. I make the remedy by adding two dropa of each essence to spring water in a 30ml bottle. Progress will be monitored weekly or monthly. The remedy is adjusted according to changes that have occurred during the period. When your emotions are back into balance the remedies may be stopped.

How to take the Bach Flower Remedies

It is suggested to take 4 drops 4 times a day orally. They can be taken with water or any other beverage. Taking a larger dose at one time will not have a stronger effect, but you can take more frequent doses during a crisis to help you through it.