Weight Loss/ Control of Eating habits 

Imagine the freedom of no more diets, no more relying on food as something to keep you occupied or deal with stress? No more guilt related to food and eating healthy food to increase your fitness levels?

Food is fuel for our bodies. By eating the right foods in the right combinations and amounts we provide our bodies with balance. Vitamins, minirals, proteins, fats carbohydrates and other ingredients we need to be healthy are what we also need to live. Some foods do taste better than others and our preferences do change and develop over time. This effects our subconscious mind and starts to make emotional connections with certain types of foods.

You may have tried different diets, things such as weight watchers or slimming world. Diets rely on people eating the right quantities and the right kinds of food in order to lose weight. This combined with motivation and will power can be very effective for some but for others the subconscious mind can get in the way. We can communicate with our subconscious to make a positive change, through hypnotherapy.

What does it involve?

Prior to beginning the sessions you will be asked to complete an information form. This is a vital part of the process that will allow me to tailor the sessions to your individual needs and goals. We will discuss your answers and identify any underlying problems or beliefs that may be contributing to your issue.

The sessions are every two weeks and combine hypnosis, therapy and NLP to help you prioritise your health and develop a positive approach to food and  weight control. You will also receive help with eating guidelines to follow and tasks to help you change old habits and create a healthier lifestyle.

You will have to take responsibility for your weight control and you have to want to lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle.

Is the Weight Control suitable for me?

If you answer yes to the following statements Weight Control Hypnotherapy is suitable for you:

  • You are aged 18+
  • You’ve previously tried regular exercise, changes to diet and have not lost a significant amount of weight.
  • You understand that your commitment is required and is part of a long term process during hypnotherapy for weight loss which will be in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.
  • you have no medical, physiological or psychological reasons that would exclude you from participating in weight loss hypnotherapy sessions.

Is it guaranteed to work?

You need to be fully committed to losing weight if the therapy is to be successful. You will have to be prepared to make changes to your eating habits and lifestyle. Like many medical procedures there can be no guarantee of success. You subconscious mind is amazingly powerful, by participating fully in the sessions you will have the tools and ability to change your lifestyle.

How much does it cost?

Please see the Booking & Fees page for further details.

Further information

Further information and answers to some frequently asked questions can be found on the FAQ page here.