Stress Management

You’re stressed. You feel like you have no time to stop and think, you may be having trouble sleeping, getting headaches and it may feel like a never ending cycle. Sound Familiar?

Most people experience stress at some point during their lives. Stress can be a positive thing in the right quantity. It can help us to increase our reaction times and performance in situations. Too much, however, over a period of time can be unpleasant and can lead to other problems including; anxiety, tension headaches, stomach ulcers and high blood pressure. By applying relaxation techniques and alternative coping strategies therapy can help you to find new ways of responding to stressful situations. Getting you back in the drivers seat of you life.

Which type of therapy is suitable for Stress Management?

The most effective type of therapy for you depends on your individual situation, however many people find hypnotherapy and NLP as a taking therapy to be useful for stress management. People respond differently to therapy and so the number of sessions required will vary from person to person. The number of sessions you’ll need will depend on your individual circumstances. We will talk about your situation and the best options for you during your initial consultation.

How much does it cost?

Please see the Booking & Fees page for further details.

Further information

Further information and answers to some frequently asked questions can be found on the FAQ page here.