What is NLP

“Follow your dreams and unlock your full potential” A lot of times people think that following their dream can be impossible. However, this is not true. I am a fully qualified Master NLP practitioner. I can help you, guide you to realise that only your current thoughts are holding you back.

“Neuro” means nerve, and it refers how we gather information using our five senses from the outside world. “ Linguistic” means language. This refers to the way we structure the language by using the information we gather by using the 5 senses. Last but not least, “programming” is how we control something. This refers how we interpret the world and the way we control our behaviours, choices and daily actions.

Benefits of NLP

NLP is one of the most accessible and easy tools from modern psychology. NLP has great benefits. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Improvement of communication skills
  • Improvement of empathy feelings
  • Reduction of stress
  • Resolution of destructive relation patterns

NLP is the most popular technique nowadays teaching us how to change and improve the way we perceive the world and it can lead us to change and improve our thoughts, behaviours in order to live a happier life and achieve the goal we dreamed of. As an NLP Master practitioner, I always encourage my clients to move out of their conform zone, taking chances to develop a fuller, happier and more satisfying life.

Understanding NLP

The technique was developed in 1972 by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Fascinated with human excellence, they decided to look at the work of Fritz Perls, the psychotherapist behind gestalt therapy, Virginia Satir, the “mother of family therapy” and Milton Erickson, the first therapist to use hypnosis for medical purposes.

While NLP is a vast and complex technique, the fundamental ideas behind the subject can be broken down into three parts:

  1. Subjectivity– At the heart of NLP lies the understanding that each one of us has a unique perspective of the world we live in.
  2. Maps– The belief that our own worlds are made up of complex territories and boundaries that are drawn out for us as we grow.
  3. Language– It is understood that we have the power to shift and redraw these boundaries using our ‘control systems’. The most influential control system we hold is language.

NLP for Personal Development

If only…

The majority of the people want to improve a personal quality, be more motivated, more relaxed, more energetic, have a dream they want to fulfil, stop an un-useful habit. We are all going to get around it, maybe one day. But many never really do get around it.

Imagine, yes just imagine, not because I am suggesting it but because you want and it is your choice to give yourself the chance to explore, improve, the way you feel, you respond, you communicate, you think.

You decide to give yourself the gift to get to know yourself better, to improve a relation, to actualise your positive intentions, to boost your inner peace of mind or even self esteem and to enhance the quality of your life.

In the end the result will make you happier, you will find it easier to live, you will have a better career and you will have a better understanding of what you want from life- and how to go about get it.

NLP for Business Development 

What if…..

Do you work for yourself or do you work for a company and you want to bring a positive change for your own and professional success? If you feel that the answer is yes, then NLP is the best choice for bespoke tools, ideas and techniques to maximize emotional intelligence within the work place. It helps you to move forward.

Neuro Linguistic Programming has discovered how people do thing excellently, how people think, how people learn, how people succeed and how people replicate that success! NLP is the difference that makes the difference, between those who excel in what they are doing, or those who get by. NLP aims to give you new skills to be motivated, to communicate, to lead, to negotiate, to empower success, to lead, to influence, and a model of excellence yourself

Because you want to become the best in business by showing you how to:

  • Set effective goals
  • Develop greater flexibility to respond to your environment
  • Build excellent quality relationships, replacing conflict with co-operation
  • Manage your mental activities for grater self- management