Anxiety, like stress, is a normal instinct, which throughout human history, when we have felt apprehension or fear, has helped to protect us and helped us to avoid dangerous situations in life. Anxiety manifests itself in a range of feelings that come from the anticipation and fear of something; sometimes we are not even aware of the source or cause of our anxieties. Feeling threatened by something causes anxiety as can acute stress that hasn’t been managed properly.

When we have experienced something that has felt dangerous or stressful our subconscious stores these thoughts and feelings. When experiencing a similar situation again it can cause us anxiety, which can help us to prepare and deal with the situation. Sometimes, our subconscious mind overcompensates and responds to all situations that feel similar with feelings of anxiety, distorting our belief-system. This is when anxiety can start to become a problem for someone.

Our conscious and subconscious mind can become conflicted, as we may want to do or experience something that our subconscious mind feels that we should be avoiding. Our subconscious mind creates the feeling of fear to encourage us to avoid these situations. This can become cyclical, the more anxious we feel then the more anxious we become, the less likely we are to teach our subconscious mind that a particular experience can be good. Negative thinking and worry about what can happen can worsen an individual’s anxiety. Someone can also begin to anticipate an event that might cause anxiety, which in itself will cause feelings of anxiety. More and more activities can cause anxiety leaving us less and less things that do not cause us feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety can become a serious problem when it affects someone’s every day life as it has a detrimental effect on our emotions, behavior, physical health and mental well-being. In order to avoid situations we start to develop a range of physical symptoms such as: tension; sweating; palpitations; headaches; nausea and diarrhea.

Acute anxiety symptoms can also create panic attacks, which can be a trigger reaction to something. Although not damaging in themselves to a healthy individual they feel dangerous which impacts on our subconscious

mind and be very debilitating for the person experiencing them. Sometimes, if not dealt with anxiety can also turn into a phobia.

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