There is some evidence that the method does work. Research on the Bach Flower remedies has not been extensive. Despite the lack of scientific evidence for the effectiveness healers continue to find that the Bach flower remedies are effective Dr. Edward Bach  Bach Flower Remediesdevised and compounded a system of plant based homeopathic style tinctures for emotional and psychological healing. The Bach flower system was the first of its kind and remains the most thorough set of remedies for mental and emotional distress. Failing within the umbrella of complementary medicine, Bach flower remedies can and often should be part of the professional healer’s arsenal of interventions. The 38 different remedies have been used in a number of different health care settings, from nursing to psychiatric care. There is scientific evidence that any Bach flower remedy produces a medical effect and especially when used in conjunction with other type of treatment.

Bach flower remedies are effective because they are safe and do not appear to interfere with any other medication. Bach flower remedies in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy, and medications are safe for everyone, including children pregnant women, pets, the elderly and even plants.

Dr. Edward Bach has said to accept the remedies as part of life. The statement refers directly to the fact that many scientists and physicians do not accept the remedies due to the lack of scientific evidence to support their effectiveness in treating various mental and emotional disorder. As a practitioner and patient, I believe that science is only one means by which to evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment intervention. The scientific method relies on a limited set of tools and analytical skills bypassing a realm of human experiences and subjective impressions that also have a bearing on health and healing. I have used the Bach flower remedies in spite of their not being scientifically testable, and I do accept them as a part of my life. I truly and fully encourage everybody to try them.

I appreciate the way Bach flower honor the power of nature as a healer. Flowers are most commonly appreciated only for their visual and aromatic beauty. However, there is more to the floral kingdom than decoration. Like many other plants, the 38 flowers used in the Bach system also offer the means by which to achieve wholeness and healing. The remedies have led me to think about plants and flowers differently, and with more respect. I do not look at my garden in the same way. And I have a greater appreciation for the mystery of nature’s beauty. The remedies have become for me a system of whereby individuals can achieve harmony with themselves and the world around them. I have used the flowers in this way, with positive results. Those I worked have the same reactions to the Bach flower remedies. Peace of mind and well being are the most common reactions to regularly interacting with the flower remedies. They are not drugs. They are the means by which to avoid needing drugs.